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So I did a photo shoot the other day in a few different places, some turned out very very good.
ill update this thread with new pictures from now on, so i wont keep making new threads.

Mods list
Brand new 2zz Short block
MWR 700cc Injectors
MWR Valves
MWR Valve Springs
MWR Titanium Retainers
Mahle 9:0.1 CR Pistons
Stock Rods Polydyn coated
MWR Knifed Edge Crankshaft
CircuitWorx Oil Pump Gear
Fully Blue Printed Short Block
ARP Head Stud Kit
Moroso Oil Pan
Hass Turbo kit, with Cast Iron Manifold
GT2860RS Turbo upgrade
3" MAF pipe
3" Turbo back exhaust, with Borla turbo muffler
Apexi Power fc
DD standard race manifold
Fidanza Flywheel
RPS Max Clutch


Bring on the 12's...
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very nice, sir :thumbup: very clean and looks like it came modded like that from stock :)

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I love your car :(
Thats the exact look that i'm going for! except with the Molly front :) And different rims!
Hopefully mine can look as clean as yours!
So great to see such a great looking car!!!!

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Damnnn Carlos!:drool: I miss seeing your celica man! I gotta see it again before I leave!

nothing but a bunch of freaking fanboys in here :puke:
I think someone's a fan himself...:eek:


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ahhh Luis is mad, hes losing his fanboys, CRY Luis CRY

looks good, cant wait to see it all in the engine bay.
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